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Latitude Life Coaching services help you live a more prosperous and fulfilling life!

LATITUDE offers personalized 1 on 1 life coaching to help you accomplish your career, personal and fitness goals.


Our unique 12-Week Motivational Goal Attainment Assistance Program (MGAAP)TM  will get you on the path to living a better life by providing the guidance and accountability you need to make significant and sustained changes in your life.


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After spending 6 years at Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs & Co. and having the privilege of working with some of the hardest working and most motivated individuals on the planet, I founded Latitude Life Solutions on a single premise:


Success is the result of purposeful and guided pursuit of a goal.


While at Goldman Sachs, I spent almost 2 years working for the CEO and COO of the firm as a client strategist. My role in the firm's Executive Office allowed me to gain unique insights into what it took to be successful in life. 


A reoccurring theme was that too often people struggled most in their careers and personal lives when the purpose of what they are doing became unclear. Further,I found that even when the goal or dream an individual wanted to attain did become clear, often there wasn't a clear path and support system to help them along the way.


I have developed the Motivational Goal Attainment Assistance Program (MGAAP)TM, a 12-Week system meant to isolate and solidify your goals, develop actionable and realistic steps you can take towards achieveing them, and motivational calls, meetings and emails to help you push through to the finish line.


If you are ready and willing to make some meaningful changes in your life, I can help.




Lee Moulton

Founder & Chief Solutions Officer

Latitude Life Solutions, LLC



LATITUDE offers life management services to help you stay more organized and productive. In today's economy, time is a luxury and being efficient is more important than ever.


We will work with you to identify the tasks you need to get done and manage those tasks on your behalf. We are passionate about helping you organize your responsibilities and obligations, making sure you have more time to do the things you enjoy.


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